Spring Break Safety Tips

The choices of where to go and how to spend your time once you arrive at your spring break destinations are endless. However, if members act carelessly, their fun can escalate into unwelcome, unexpected, unfortunate, or even dangerous situations.

Third Party Vendor Checklist

The Third Party Vendor Checklist form should be reviewed with and signed by any external vendors who are serving alcohol at your functions.

Best Practices for Party Planning: Hiring Third-Party Vendors

The RMF encourages all Sigma Chi chapters to hire a third-party vendor or venue when hosting an event at their chapter house or off-campus in which alcohol will be served. What is a “third-party vendor”? It’s an alcohol related service provider, such as a licensed bartender or catering service, which is also covered by its own general and liquor liability insurance policies.

Chapter House Safety

Tips for while you're home and away

As the spring break travel season arrives, many Sigma Chi brothers will be packing up and heading south for warmer weather. Already this year, Sigma Chi has experienced nearly a dozen property claims related to freezing temperatures and busted pipes.

Spring Break: Responsible Use of Alcohol Serves Members and Guests

Responsible use of alcohol serves members and guests

All too often, drinking is accepted almost as a rite of passage during spring break vacations. Students who participate in binge drinking significantly raise their risk of injury and death, while they are also more likely to become victims of crime and violence, including sexual assault.