Certificates of Insurance (COIs) are critical as the process of providing a certificate of your insurance to another party may be the last chance you have to apply risk management techniques to a given exposure or potential loss situation.

COIs are available upon request. To provide risk management services, our staff and your legal advisors need complete information and documentation, as well as adequate lead-time. This includes submitting a completed Event Planning Form with contracts stating insurance requirements 30 days in advance of any event requiring a COI. Providing these will enable our staff and your legal advisors to provide you with effective and prompt service in response to your COI request.

1)Certificate basics: Certificates of insurance and other evidence of insurance forms are the basic information communication tools of the insurance industry. Whenever one party requires another party to secure and maintain some form of insurance, they should also require satisfactory evidence that this has been done. This circumstance usually arises from various forms of contracts that are related to Fraternity operations and activities. Examples include:

  • Relationship statements or school recognition requirements;
  • Leasing facilities owned by others for social functions or fundraising activities;
  • Chapter house leases or housing agreements.


2)Certificates are for information only: The principal function of any Certificate or Evidence of Insurance (EOI) is to provide evidence of, and convey basic information about, the insurance coverage carried by another party. Insurance certificates are not intended to provide insurance for the party to whom they are furnished. Certificates are not intended to amend, extend or alter the coverage afforded by the insurance policies.

When providing certificates to others, you should again review your exposures. More importantly, review the limitations of your own insurance. Every attempt should be made to avoid the unintentional assumption of risk and, to the greatest extent possible, contain your risks within the scope of your insurance. Not all risks that you may assume are insured.

When you obtain certificates of insurance from others, we will be pleased to assist you by reviewing the insurance they maintain to support their obligations.

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