RMF Insurance Brokers: James R. Favor & Co.

An insurance broker helps to find, negotiate and secure the best possible coverage that meets the insurance needs, as identified by the RMF Board and the Sigma Chi Fraternity. The Risk Management Foundation has a long-standing relationship with its insurance broker, James R. Favor & Company.

Understanding Key Insurance Terms

Commercial General Liability

This coverage often referred to as general or public liability provides insurance protection against bodily injury and property damage claims brought against the insured by third parties or members of the public.

Equipment Breakdown Coverage Explained

We have received questions from house corporation officers about the purpose and value of Equipment Breakdown coverage. For greek-owned property, this coverage provides insurance protection for the types of property and against the kinds of losses not covered by property insurance.

House Closing Checklist - Winter


Heading Home for the Holidays?

Simple steps to protect your chapter house in your absence

Finals are coming to an end, and it is time to go home for the holidays! Before you leave, be sure to prepare the chapter house for the extended break. The house needs to be protected against cold weather.

House Closing Checklist - Summer


Simple steps to protect your chapter house in your absence

You’ve worked hard all semester; final exams are approaching; and thoughts of summer are not far behind. In the midst of your end-of-semester studies and celebrations, don’t forget to prepare your home-away-from-home for the summer months. 

Chapter House Safety

Tips for while you're home and away

As the spring break travel season arrives, many Sigma Chi brothers will be packing up and heading south for warmer weather. Already this year, Sigma Chi has experienced nearly a dozen property claims related to freezing temperatures and busted pipes.

7 Steps to Reducing False Fire Alarms

The results of Campus Safety magazine's annual fire survey are in, and once again, false/nuisance alarms continue to be a thorn in the sides of university, school and hospital protection professionals. Nearly half (47 percent) of survey respondents indicated that false alarms are among their four biggest fire safety challenges.

Campus Fire Safety

Every year college and university students experience a growing number of fire-related emergencies. There are several causes for these fires, however most are due to a general lack of knowledge about fire safety and prevention. The United States Fire Administration (USFA) offers these tips to help reduce and prevent the loss of life and property in dormitory and university housing fires.