New Rules Encourage Responsbible Social Events

The days of the open, all-you-can-drink events at the fraternity house are over. All organizations must evolve to modern expectations if they want to remain relevant.  We can continue to enjoy the social elements of the fraternity experience; it just requires a little more work, planning, and perhaps money, to operate responsibly.
The new fraternity policy changes will likely increase the need for chapter to host their social events in conjunction with 3rd party vendors. These could include event venues, transportation companies, or licensed bartenders. This has been an existing best practice as a way to shift share many of the risks and exposures of hosting a social event away from your chapter. The Fraternity is not in the business of alcohol, event security, or transportation. These “event” services should be handled by professionals who are properly trained, equipped, and insured.  We are in the business of leadership and values-based education and development. This is particularly useful when the venue handles the serving of alcoholic beverages, security, and checking guest identification.




The Company you Keep 


It should be noted that this is only an effective risk mitigation effort if these vendors (venue, bartenders, transportation, etc.) are legitimate/licensed companies.  If a claim were to arise, the expectation is that their insurance policy would respond and be better equipped to handle any loss or damage.  

 With that being said, if you are choosing to work with "The Magic School Bus Transportation Services LLC", or the bar down the street known for serving minors or losing its liquor license, you aren’t really doing your chapter any favors, and in fact could be putting yourselves more at risk.



 He Who Fails to Plan, Plans to Fail


All social events utilizing these companies should be planned well in advance. These companies will have important paperwork, agreements, and contracts that you will want your advisors to review. This is particularly important if you request, which you should , that any 3rd party vendor serving alcohol name your chapter and Sigma Chi Fraternity as additional insureds on their insurance policy.

 The RMF is willing to help review paperwork and provide comments on your plans. Similarly, as above, these companies may ask to be named as an additional insured on your policy, which we you will need to request to RMF at least 30 days before the vent.

We have also created a 3rd party vendor checklist that outlines what is expected, and gives the vendors you are working with some guidelines and a commitment statement for their signature.  Download link can be found above.