Beware of little expenses.
A small leak will sink a great ship.

-Benjamin Franklin


Created by the Sigma Chi Fraternity in 1988, Risk Management Foundation is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) education foundation established to educate chapters on risk management and to assist chapters in times of loss.

We maintain close relationships with a robust network of respected insurance providers to secure comprehensive property and casualty insurance coverages at the best possible rates, offer best in-class back office support, and work tirelessly with all of our clients to avoid claims before they occur. We are dedicated to providing customized loss control solutions by first getting to know our clients on a human and financial level and then developing programs to meet their specific needs.


YOUR Knowledgeable & Respected Partner
Today’s collegiate environment is constantly changing; students, parents, and society in general are demanding an increased level of accountability on campus. Given this continually evolving dynamic, higher education organizations need to establish and implement programs to create a new culture of responsibility while also protecting the undergraduate experience

Risk Management Foundation (RMF) is a knowledgeable and respected partner that helps its members navigate this new and complex environment. We maintain a deep knowledge and understanding of this distinctive marketplace and customize programs to protect our clients’ long-term interests, educate students and administrators on responsibly managing risk, and help preserve and enhance physical structures where they live, gather, and study.


Group Insurance Programs

There a number of benefits to bringing like-minded or affiliated organizations into a shared insurance pool. The larger and diversified exposure could lead to reduced insurance rates, shared risk control resources, higher retentions, and the ability to develop loss reserve funds.


The mission of the RMF is deeply rooted in education. Believing that a number one driver of loss control is effective education. We would be interested in supporting any organization looking for safety, claims, insurance, or any other related topics for college students or administrators.

Physical Plant Inspections:

Beyond checking the requirement off the list, our consultative approach keeps the end user of our report at the forefront. We utilize incredibly experienced inspectors that understand our niche markets and what drives claims.
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